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 A Wyoming based company, we have compiled  a team with over 200 combined years of experience in all aspects of Oil and Gas.  With experience from all regions of  North America and many other regions around the world,  Lone Tree applies simple and common sense strategies to everyday operations. Old school experience, qualified  professionals, honesty and integrity, and modern day technologies, gives Lone Tree a lean competitive edge that results in lower production cost and a work environment that is second to none. 

Independent Oil and Gas Operator, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho,

Oil and Gas Property Management , Oil and Gas Acquisitions / Joint Ventures

​Due Diligence and Consulting Services, Investigative Services

Board of Directors

Carl J. McDonald                                  Chairman    Chief Executive Officer

Bradley G. Eyre                                     Co Chairman    President   Acquisitions and Operations

Jack C. Walker                            V.P. Engineering, Resource and Project Development  

Robert J. Dunbar                             V.P. Senior Geophysicist / Geologist / Exploration Manager

Donald T. Metcalfe P.E.                  V.P.  Engineering, Drilling and Completions Manager

Robert (Mike) Dunbar                          V.P.  Production Operations, Prospect Development, Facilities and HSE 
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Oil and Gas Leases

Lone Tree Petroleum leases, purchases, and brokers mineral rights in the Lower 48 states.
Please call the Mountain View Office for inquiries.

Current available leases in North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Texas and Louisiana

Carolyn Dunn                                              Corporate Accounts

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